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Mole Removal in Nottingham

What is it? Moles are very common skin conditions. Medically, they are called melanocytes naevi. The melanocyte is a type of cell that gives our skin its colour. The more melanocytes that are present, the darker the skin becomes. This is what gives the mole its darker colour compared to the surrounding skin.

Are moles dangerous? The good news is that moles are often benign, which means that they are not cancerous, especially if they have been on your body for a long time. Please visit this NHS link on how to spot suspicious moles:

What techniques can be used to remove your mole? The different techniques that Dr Wa will use to remove your mole include electrosurgery, cryotherapy, shave excision, punch excision and surgical excision. She will discuss the different options at the consultation and find the most suitable method for removing your mole.

Mole Removal in Nottingham
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