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What is it? A low level electrical current is used to create heat at the skin, which destroys the lesion by ‘charring’ it.

Is a local anaesthetic injection necessary? Usually, a small amount of local anaesthetic is used to numb the skin before electrosurgery. However if you are needle phobic, you can have the procedure done without local anaesthetic injection, but this can be painful.

Does it leave scar? Yes, all techniques will cause some scarring. However, electrosurgery produces minimal scarring. Sometimes, hypopigmentation (lighter colour) may occur, particularly in patients with darker skin types.

What is the healing time? Average healing time is between 1-3 weeks, sometime longer depending on the wound size and its location. After electrosurgery, the wound will scab over in the next 2-7 days. The scab will fall off and leave slightly pink skin. After this, a new layer of skin will grow soon after.

How long does it take? This technique is relatively quick to do, and the procedure usually takes 15-30 minutes.

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